We in the Pacific Northwest love our pets but owning a home with a dog or cat gives you a few more things to consider when taking care of your heating and cooling solution(s). Because the longevity of your furnace or AC is a matter of proper fitting and maintenance, it’s important to know how your furry friends impact your appliances and what they require to function their very best in your home.


Most puppies grow out of their relentless chewing but if your HVAC unit becomes a target of a chewer, your heating and cooling system will fail and could even harm your pup in the process. By ensuring all wiring is wrapped in a metal conduit tubing, you can prevent the wiring from becoming a chew toy to keep your system and your dog running happily.


If you have shedders, your home accumulates more dust, dander, and fur. Over time, that will be collected in your vents and filters. Changing your air filters more frequently and using vacuum attachments to do a more thorough job about vents will go a long way in keeping your air quality and efficiency high, even with pets!

Pets add a ton of fun and love to a home. If you have any questions about pet-proofing your HVAC systems or need any help with repairs for pet damage, give us a call and we can consult on the best steps!

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