Choosing a contractor to complete big home projects can be an intimidating decision for a lot of homeowners. You care about the quality of service you receive and want to select the best team to handle the job and the best heating and cooling system(s) for your home and its occupants. The good news is that we care about that, too. And we want to remove your anxiety from the process of picking an HVAC contractor for your next install, repair, or maintenance!

Throughout an appointment with an Alexander's Heating & Air Conditioning specialist, you will answer these questions together:

What are the indoor unit options for the home’s design and square footage? How many are needed?

Does the home’s design support ductwork, or are ductless systems the best option? What are the pros and cons of each?

What’s the temperature range for the recommended system?

How does this recommended system handle partial loads? (“Load” just refers to the amount of heating or cooling needed to bring a space to a comfortable temperature or “setpoint.”)

How frequently will that system need to be serviced? What kind of maintenance does the system need? What kind of maintenance program do you offer?

If I choose a split-ductless system, what kind of utility cost savings can I expect compared to a conventional system? Are there any available rebates for my city?

Will any supplemental equipment be necessary to achieve my energy usage goals?

If you have specific goals for your energy usage, be sure to let us know during the appointment! Our professionals will find the appliance that addresses your priorities. You don’t need to be an expert in heating and air (you have us!) but because we’re in the business of making you more comfortable, we hope this list gives you a little confidence ahead of your home consultation with Alexander’s Heating.

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