Your HVAC system requires yearly professional HVAC maintenance for optimal performance. Even if you have been neglecting this for years, it isn’t too late to invest in an HVAC maintenance plan. Below are a few of the benefits that come with such a plan.

Energy-Efficient Performance

Chances are that your HVAC system isn’t running as efficiently as it did when it was installed. The motor and other vital components wear down, and the presence of dust and dirt all reduce efficiency. This means your system works harder and costs you more each month to deliver the same results.

A maintenance plan addresses normal wear and debris accumulation. Any extensive problems will require a separate appointment, but with a tune-up, you’ll catch these problems before they lead to a potential system failure.

Getting the Most From Your System

Heat pumps and gas furnaces can run efficiently for up to 15 years with scheduled maintenance, barring excessive use. Oil and electric furnaces can run up to 25 years, while mini splits beat them all with 30 possible years of dependable service. Considering how costly it is to replace any HVAC unit, postponing it with an annual tune-up makes good financial sense.

Fewer Repairs and Lower Repair Costs

A maintenance visit addresses issues that hinder airflow and prematurely wear the HVAC unit down. This leads to fewer repairs throughout the year because your HVAC won’t need to work as hard to maintain your desired temperature. In addition, many warranties become void without regular documented maintenance.

Alexander's Heating & Air Conditioning has provided routine HVAC maintenance to Redmond, WA residents since 1998. In addition to maintenance, we also offer HVAC repairs and replacements. We help clients who are building new homes design optimal interior comfort solutions, and we carry a wide selection of fireplaces for those interested. Call us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment!

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