HVAC Equipment

Alexander's Heating & Air Conditioning can service and repair any brand of heating and cooling equipment.

For replacements and installations, we specialize in Mitsubishi equipment.

Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners circulate cool air throughout your home and as this air becomes warm again it flows back to the unit to cool off again.There are two types of air conditioners – a split system and a packaged unit. Split systems have an outdoor unit containing the outdoor heat exchanger, fan, and compressor. The indoor unit contains the heat exchanger and blower. A packaged unit contains all of the components in one unit, usually on the roof or on the side of the home.


To heat your home, Alexander’s offers options for both gas and electric furnaces. Furnaces pull air into the system and pass it through a heat exchanger, which warms up the air via gas or coil. The warm air is then pushed by the blower through the ductwork and distributes it throughout your home. Replacing your old furnace with a new, more efficient furnace can help save money on your utility bills. Furnace options range in size, efficiency, and power. It’s important to know what your priorities are when choosing a new furnace. Alexander’s can help you decide which furnace will fit your home comfort needs while staying within your budget.

Heat Pumps

If you are looking to become more energy-efficient and switch to an all electric HVAC system, heat pumps may be more suitable for your home. Heat pumps can both heat and cool your home, and use only electricity. Heat pumps warm your home by taking hot air from outside and directing it into your home. They cool your home by taking in cold air from the outside and moving the warm air back outside.


These smaller systems have both an indoor and outdoor unit, but are much smaller and do not require any ducting. Mini-splits are usually used for smaller spaces, add-ons, or individual rooms to bolster the central air conditioning system or where ductwork is not a feasible option. Since energy losses associated with ductwork can account for more than 30% of energy consumption, many consider mini-splits to be more efficient.

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