Whether you’re aiming to save a few dollars or lower your energy consumption for ecological reasons, Summer is the season when energy bills are top of mind. Living in a mild climate, our heaters and air conditioners don’t have too much to do until June and July when we start to see temperatures creep up and stay up in the 70s and 80s more consistently. Many of today’s Air Conditioners are built to be energy efficient, but a few subtle hacks can go a long way.

Fire Up The Grill

Late afternoon and early evening is when our homes tend to be the warmest after a long sunny day. Using your oven and stove create even more warmth in the home for your AC to work against. By taking the food prep outdoors, you can leave your unit to do what it does best – regulate the comfort inside!

Avoid Extremes

Your AC unit will work most efficiently if you avoid letting the home get too warm or too cold. It’s better to leave the unit on with a slightly warmer goal temperature than to turn it off all day and try to cool rapidly in the evening.

Keep It Clean

If there’s any debris around your outdoor unit or any bent fins stopping smooth airflow, your unit is working too hard and you’re footing the bill! Regular cleaning and maintenance is the best way to ensure the unit is functioning as well as it can.

For a more in-depth look at how you can be reducing energy use in your home, check the Do-It-Yourself home energy audit from Seattle City Light!

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