Most people forget when transitioning from cooling to heating that no matter how new or well-engineered your heat pump or furnace is, running through a service checklist is going to make a world of difference in how your heater perform. If you stopped heating over the summer, your unit sat for a good four months. What would you expect from a car that hasn’t been started in that long? Multiple attempts to get started, possibly a dead battery, and a whole symphony of uncomfortable sounds. What about a human body that hasn’t exercised in four months? It might get through a marathon, but it would look pretty ugly and hurt for weeks to come. Once our heaters go on after four months of nothing, we expect them to run consistently and efficiently for seven to eight months! Lofty goals, all things considered.

When you schedule an appointment with Alexander’s to service your heat pump or furnace ahead of winter temperatures, you’re signing up for much more than a filter cleaning. Filter cleaning is a key step in maintaining your heater and something we will always encourage people to do. This is especially true for pet owners or those of us with family members who are sensitive to dust and dander. A filter cleaning or replacement is the fastest way to improve air quality and efficiency! And for people with furnaces inside of a crawl space or attic, we don’t blame you for calling the pros for filter changes.

However, the Alexander’s service technicians have a thorough checklist to run through the entire system from the thermostat to the blower motor, gas valves, condensate pumps, and unit housing. Like all appliances, heating solutions break down over time, but regular and thorough inspections will extend the life of your heater. Schedule your annual maintenance so you can stay cozy at home all winter and prevent emergency repairs.

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