Keeping your Redmond, WA home comfortable means having solid control over your indoor temperature. A programmable thermostat is an option that gives you far more versatility than a traditional thermostat. Learn more about the benefits of this device to see if it is a good idea for your space.

Energy Efficiency

Since you can control the temperature for certain times of the day by way of a programmable thermostat, you can run your HVAC system more efficiently. For example, when you are not home, set the temperature lower in the winter and higher in the summer. Then, program it to adjust to your desired temperature about an hour before you are due back. Your space will be comfortable when you walk in.

By reducing the energy you use to operate your HVAC system, you can also reduce the associated costs. This could mean reduced gas and electric bills.


Programmable thermostats generally have an interface that is user-friendly. You can adjust and set your temperature schedule within minutes. In some cases, you can use a mobile app to control your thermostat, allowing you to make changes to your home’s temperature even when you are away from the house.

Customized Comfort

Use your daily routine and preferences to develop customized comfort settings. You have full control over your home’s temperature at all hours of the day. Since you program the temperatures ahead of time, you will never forget to make the necessary changes, even on busy days.

Thermostat Experts in Redmond

It is easy to see why people choose to install a programmable thermostat in their Redmond home. Our professionals can evaluate your HVAC system and let you know if a programmable thermostat is an ideal choice for your residence. We can also help you with your other heating and cooling needs, ranging from basic maintenance to installing a new system. We also offer emergency repairs for both heating and cooling equipment. Call us at Alexander's Heating & Air Conditioning in Redmond today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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