The Pacific Northwest is full of evergreen trees and fresh mountain air, giving us some of the very best air in the United States. So why is it that in the winter, you need to be more mindful of your air quality at home?

When temperatures drop, we keep windows and doors closed to seal in the warm air that heats our home. After all, energy efficient devices don’t exactly help save you money or reduce your carbon footprint when you let all the hot air outside! But that’s just the issue – the cleanest air is outside of our home.

On the inside, many small variables contribute to air pollution over time. Pet dander, aerosol products, cooking exhaust, and even mold can be floating around with any germs and particulates from dust and dirt.

Cleaning and replacing your furnace filters often will significantly improve your air quality. If you have family members who are asthmatic or particularly sensitive to particles in the air, one of the best things you can do is ask the team at Alexander’s Heating about air purification systems that install directly into air vents and actively destroy impurities in the air. And when temperatures start to warm up and it’s nearly time to turn the heat off, be sure to open up those windows and doors to freshen up your home with our natural cascade air!

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