Redmond, VA, tends to experience some fairly cold temperatures during the winter. Along with these cold temps, snowfall accumulation is typical in the region. This is why regular furnace maintenance is so important. Maintenance keeps the furnace from breaking down when you need it most. For now, let’s explore five of the most common gas furnace problems and what to do.

1. Pilot Light Problems

Typically, problems with the pilot light on a gas furnace trace back to a dirty or broken thermocouple, a blocked pilot aperture, or an incorrect gas valve. To fix these problems, you need to clean the pilot assembly and make sure the gas flows properly. If the issues continue, it’s time to seek the assistance of a skilled HVAC specialist for repairs.

2. Dirty Air Filter

The lack of frequent filter replacements is typically to blame when gas furnace air filters become dirty and clogged. Reduced efficiency is the result of dust and debris building up and obstructing airflow in the heating system. To resolve this issue, inspect the air filter often, and replace it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Blower Motor Problems

Issues including worn-out parts, motor failures, or inadequate lubrication can all cause blower motor issues. You can keep these issues at bay with regular cleaning and lubrication. For an accurate diagnosis and prompt repairs, it’s best to call a skilled HVAC expert if the blower motor fails.

4. Gas Valve Issues

Problems with gas valves in gas furnaces can arise from a worn-out solenoid, a clog in the gas line, or just plain old age. Seek the advice of an expert HVAC technician if you notice a lack of fuel or a gas leak. Their diagnostic skills are top-notch, and they can fix broken parts and check that the gas valve works properly.

5. Cracked Heat Exchanger

Overheating, metal fatigue, or old age can shatter a gas furnace’s heat exchanger. Quickly seek the advice of a qualified HVAC specialist if you detect a crack. Toxic carbon monoxide is only one of the many dangers resulting from a broken heat exchanger.

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