When it’s time to install a new air conditioner, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right size unit. Having a system that’s too big or too small will waste energy plus put excessive strain and wear on your system. Discover how professionals assess your home and find the perfect size unit.

Determine Your Home’s Serviceable Area

The foundation of finding the proper size unit for your home starts with knowing your serviceable area. Start by finding the square feet for every area your AC will service, which is everywhere that has supply vents in your home.

Consider Home Construction

Next, consider your ceiling heights. You’ll have to adjust your calculations for rooms that have ceilings higher than the standard 8 feet. Additionally, you need to consider the number of windows and doors you have, their size, and which way they face. You also need to consider your home’s insulation. All of this factors into the cooling capacity your home will need.

Think About Your Home’s Environment

Now you need to consider your home’s environment. Start by looking at how much sun and shade your home gets. You need less cooling capacity if it’s shaded most of the day. Consider how your home faces, with homes facing south or west having higher cooling capacity needs.

Consider Who and What’s In Your Home

Finally, the number of occupants and the kind of appliances in your home change your needs. Most basic calculations account for two occupants. If you have more than two people, you need to increase the capacity for each additional person. Further, if you have heat-generating appliances, such as high-powered computing equipment, those will also drive up the amount of cooling capacity you need.

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